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    Hello! I’m one of a group of experienced players and long time fans of the Birthright rules that has never had the opportunity to play. If there is an experienced DM out there looking for players for a PST 5e game on Roll20, or any interested players, please post below or join us on our discord at We would love to begin our journey with you.
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    Welcome to the Birthright community. You are welcome to seek players here or on our Discord channel but please refrain from spamming our forums with multiple posts advertising other Birthright communities. It is fine to discuss your rules or setting here or ask people to join your game, but not okay to advertise another Discord community without the context of seeking players for a specific game.

    Of course, we would love to help you with any questions you have about the Birthright Campaign Setting or its rules. The community is made up of players and DMs who have been adapting and expanding the rules and settings for decades, be it for D&D 2e, 3/3.5e, 4e and 5e and other systems. We would love to hear what you think has worked for Birthright in 5e.


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