Hello everyone! Well, this is my first post here... I've just wandered in from rpg.net and thought that the elite Birthright gaming community might be interested in my humble wares. Sadly no Birthright items appear on today's site update!

Here are some of this week's new arrivals at www.titangames.com :

Gamescience - Tegel Manor by Bledsaw & Erickson (Ziploc) (JG0027) [127652, $25.00, Mint in ziploc]

Hogshead Publishing - Nobilis: A Game of Greater Powers by R. Sean Borgstrom (Oversized HC, 304pp, 2nd Ed) (600) [127656, $10.00, XF]

Margaret Weis Productions - Serenity Role Playing Game by Margaret Weis (HC, 224pp, 2005) (1001) [127546, $39.95, Mint - As new]

That's just a small sample of this week's new arrivals. Visit our site at http://www.titangames.com for the whole list! Oh and did I mention, we BUY games too? Hmmm...

Brian "Old Sardul" Collins