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    High Res Rjurik Highlands Editable PDF

    Updated to 1.1

    Good day all

    This just to report I uploaded an editable PDF for the Rjurik Highlands, link to the relevant download page can be found below. I recently made it for a game we are about to start, and thought it could be of use for other people.

    The map focuses on the Rjurik Highlands, including Dhoesone. The holding levels are not filled in for the Aelven nations bordering nor the Gorgon or anything beyond, as this is out of play.

    As a basis I used Silmaril.SE's wonderful Photoshop file and started on my own version, which is the base for this one. Fair warning, the file is 194.4 MB, as I am way past 90's 20 pixel files
    The file has some basic flaws, mainly due to a copying error the mouseover of quite some provinces will read 'Leivika'. I intend to correct this in the future.

    If someone has questions, feel free to post them. I can also be reached at the Discord (Eyeless Deceiver#8597).
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    Thank you

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    Thank you Sir!

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