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    Any tech savvy peeps here interested in the Birthright PC game source code? If im not wrong, this is from the huge stash of old sierra source codes that an ex-sierra dev put up on ebay for sale. Think his name was Al Lowe?

    With the source code, one could make changes to the game such as fixing bugs, game balance, things like that. But im not familiar with the coding language used and i dont know how complete this source code is or what is required to compile it.

    Any tech savvy peeps here interested in taking a look?

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    It would be great. Maybe some stuff can even added like new units and races. Birthright has already all races of Anuire but for example id you add Ghoere as race and out It in the capital and make a mixed human/Ghoere for the province capital then Ghoere could muster the Iron Guard and so on for all the factions.
    No idea if the game could be expanded for other parts of Cerilia too.

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    This has been floating around for a little while. I might dig into this a bit once I find some time. I haven't worked in C++ in ages, but I've always wanted to mod the game and have been trying to find an opportunity since I first saw this.

    I'm curious if it would require replacing the main executable or if it's possible to somehow side load stuff through DLLs. This would be my first foray into modding at all, so I don't have too much experience with it.
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    It looks like you would have to compile the entire source code and replace the executable plus all the files and folders (or at least the ones that include game data).

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    I'm still working on getting the existing code to compile with the configuration that the original programmers used (i.e. Gary Powell, based on the comments). Based on a lot of Google searching, I think I've got the toolchain mostly set up and am working through errors as I go.

    For anyone following in my footsteps, I had to install:

    You also need to add the C:\WATCOM\bin directory to the "PATH" environment variable and set the "INCLUDE" environment variable to the directory paths containing the .h files for both Open Watcom and DirectX SDK. You don't really need to install the SDK's, you just need the .h files.

    I'll update this as I go.
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