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    Question Cookies and password?

    Why does the site remember my password and username when I visit
    but does not when I visit

    The latter changes to as soon as I do anything so I thought both were the same page but the latter shows that error
    Invalid Redirect URL (

    as if both were different sides?
    Michael Romes

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    On a technical level, and are different websites. Generally, websites are set up so that will forward to or vice versa. In regards to cookies (the thing that keeps track of if you're logged in), you can configure them to be valid for both, but that is likely not set up here.

    For the admins, here is a discussion of how to make them work for both. Not sure if this CMS supports that or not.

    Aside: editing messages on mobile is terrible. No matter where I tapped on the page, it thought I was pressing delete. I then couldn't repost until 5 minutes later when the "duplicate post" message went away.

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