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    Gorgon's Alliance: How long did you play it? and what happened?

    I'm curious to hear about peoples' experience with playing a long campaign for this PC game.

    I read earlier in the forums about different ways to kill the gorgon. I think I managed to kill him at one point duing a battle. I fought armies that he was personally leading and made sure I had troops in all of the surrounding provinces, so he wouldn't be able to retreat. This effectively killed him as far as I can tell. Or, is it the case that you have to adventure in order to ultimately kill him?

    My longest campaign was when I played as Baruk Azhik. I did this intenionally, so I could ultimately take on the gorgon. I took out the Chimaron before conquering Mur Kilad and Markazor. I was forging plenty of alliances when I began to conquer the gorgon's territory. I had eliminated a lot of the skeletons and killed the gorgon at this point. While preparing to assault his fortress, I mistakenly made Ghoere an ally which prevented e from making Mhoried a vassel. After that, I felt like I had messed up my game and left it alone.

    However, lately, I'm thinking about employing this strategy again. It's been years since this happened.
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    the immortal Gorgon

    or as we affectionately call him "ol' stony butt" - does not stay dead.
    There are at least 2 adventures where you can encounter and slay the games major nemisis, not to mention the numerous times it can be done on the battle field - but he can always still be encountered until you finish the game.
    You can (or possibly must) face the Gorgon regardless of which realm you choose to start in. Although it is possible to avoid him if you accumulate the points you need to win (usually only on the easy setting) in only a small number of turns (10-15 or so).

    Longest campaign - probably one of the games where I decided not to accept the emporers crown and continue on in the Risk tradition of world domination - I don't think I ever got everything without fudging - Sideath could never be entered by my troops because it was always considered impassable.

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    You can enter sideath, you just have to constantly cast dispel realm magic on it.

    I conquered all of anuire once.The game constantly spawned VERY tough stacksc of monsters randomly(something like a lot of skeletons, gnoll marauders, etc, etc). I think there was 2-4 EVERY turn, and spiderfell/gorgons crown got most of it, although five peaks and thurazor wasnt uncommon.

    It was impossible to just constantly beat them back.....well in theory not, but there was no point and it was too much of a pain.

    Gorgon can ONLY be killed by fighting him to his last province, surrounding him and defeating him in battle, after which he teleports away saying he would be back(he doesnt).

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