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    Birthright in roll20

    Hello Regents,

    Do you use Roll 20 with Birthright? Do you have any tips? How do you handle the mass combat with the cards, do you use it? I run a BR campaign in roll 20, but only after almost 2 years the players are able to get a domain for them.


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    Yes I do, at least I tried. I even ripped the Gorgon's Alliance domain map music to improve the mood

    My suggestion is to keep the map at minimum. I didn't used any sheet, everyone was on his excel spreadsheet synched via dropbox. I uploaded a bunch of small, colored tokens to represent armies and ships, and we used the line graphic tool to draw ley lines/roads/trade routes, and keep track of units HP. that's about it.
    I have no roll20 script-fu skill so I honestly don't know if something more can be achieved.

    As for battles, we use the "mass rules" formula, usually, but i guess it should not be too hard to emulate a chess-like battle on roll20. We use my "battlefield!" app to keep track of unit stats, but it has no online capability (sorry )

    the seeds of wars team is building a web app to handle BR games online, I understand, so maybe you can give it a look.

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