That is really the only way Blaede's "evil" is known: he is ruthless in his dealings; but fair at the same time. He employs goblin mercenaries too. His Priest Advisor knows full well his dark side and tries to temper it

A major part of the early campaign was that he was attacked by Shaemes Lavalier who hoped to once and for all end the tyranny of the Alam family in Alamie. That is why Blaede now has Boots of Speed; but the spear was taken by his mother "for safe keeping" by her.

However, there are LOTS of evil monarchs all over Anuire that Paladins and such don't try to take down. Haelyn even has evil worshipers, so it isn't uncommon for Evil individuals to both be known to be evil and be rulers of domains:

Mieres has Arron Vaumil

Port of Call Exchange has el-Hadid

Brosengae has Eriene Mierlenen

Ghoere has Gavin Tael

On and on the list goes and many of these individuals have numerous allies.