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    Birthright - pathfinder 1st edition(3.75) rework any suggestion is welcome

    Hello everyone,
    it's been a while since i posted here the last time.
    Fortunately I never stoped playing DnD/PF in that time.
    After a few years where we adventured on Golarion most of our group, who were old BR hard core fans, decided to return to our favorite setting.
    Because I'm designated GM, most of the time, this forced me to start editting the whole setting to fit the new rules.
    The first think i needed to tackle was the issue with bloodlines, which a I solved with implementation of mythic rules. Where each bloodline grants access to certain mythic paths.
    The races and various racilal optons are handled by the rule of thumb for now, but i'm also preping documents for that.
    As a general rulea all racial feats, traits etc, I'm trying to find the relevant culture in PF setting.
    So Anuireans are Taldan/Cheliaxian, Rjurik are Ulfen/Khelid, Khinasi are Khadiran/Garundi, Brecht are Taldan/Varisian, Vos are Shoanti/Khelid etc.
    Skinwalkers and geniekind races are represented also as low level bloodline mutations.
    PF Gnomes and BR Halflings share a simmilar backstory so i kinda blended theese two.

    Also the gods and their domains needed to be reworked so this is another mini project I have been working on and if there is any interest i will post it here.
    Magic is next on the list afther that.
    In regards to the realm play we still haven't reached that point yet in the game, but i would prefer to stick to the old regency and GB system. The PF settlements rules from UC showed to be too time consuming for pen and papper.

    So do you have any suggestions how to procede further down this path, as the task is monumental any input is more than welcome.

    I have read all the BR sourcebooks, and BRCS 3.0 conversion many times, and I'm trying to stick as close as possible to the source materials
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    I have run Birthright with the Pathfinder rules, although I am not an expert with the Mythic rules, have only browsed them.

    My 1st real BR campaign was using the BRCS rules with 3.5e D&D. It was very successful, and for the most part I used the 3.0 BRCS with a few of my own modifications and tweaks (3.5 BRCS was not yet made, as 3.5 D&D was new at the time).

    The only thing I did not love about the BRCS system is the Scion class. Giving up class levels for bloodline abilities has always seemed a crappy trade to me, but when you are playing a regent and not just an adventurer, having a stronger bloodline becomes something players really want, especially if they have big plans of expansion. We used the Scion classes for my 1st BR campaign, but later campaigns I dropped them. Instead I would let starting player characters be a few levels higher, along the same guidelines as the scion levels. So for example, my starting players' party in one campaign was a 2nd level Paladin scion with a Great bloodline, a 3rd level Rogue and Paladin with a Major bloodline, and a couple of 4th level characters with minor bloodlines (I always assume most or all PCs will be blooded, because players always want it unless they are old BR veterans looking for something different). This actually meshes up reasonably well with the Pathfinder system and how it handles playing monster PCs.

    I prefer the 3.0 BRCS bloodline system, where bloodline score is an extra ability score with the same modifiers as all abilities. With that system, you can collect up to 2 x Bloodline score in RP each season, spend 4 x Bloodline score in RP to raise your score by 1 point, and can store a maximum of 5 x Bloodline score in RP.
    If you can remember that rule set, it's a fairly easy system to use - and all you do as a DM when using old 2nd ed source material NPCs is cut the original regents' bloodlines in half.

    I tried the 3.5 BRCS bloodline system, which restored bloodline scores to original levels, but I didn't like it as well as it becomes too much its own completely separate rule set for players and DM to learn, and I have since returned to my no-scion-class 3.0 BRCS version. (For what it's worth, I still like a lot of the bloodline power rewrites in the 3.5 brcs).

    We also used the BRCS domain system, which is some work to keep accurate records, but a lot of fun for players who are in to that level of abstract strategic play.

    In general I think you can still use the BRCS 3.0 or 3.5 versions for most everything Pathfinder. If you feel stats need to be beefed up a little for Pathfinder, then use the existing races as power guidelines.

    That's what's worked for me. I find it pretty easy to update anything 3.0/3.5 to Pathfinder where changes are needed (race is one of them that has changed, as are classes - both have more bonuses now).

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    Thanks Osprey

    Thanx Osprey, yes i have played and run 3.0 and 3.5 conversions, but this time I'm trying to run a game with a bit different feel. I played mythic adventure for a time and I remeber feeling rely godly with mythic rules implemented. Now my game is desined for a party of scions and I menaged to slowly introduce the mythic part through several smaler adventure archs, and players seam trilled to me.
    The thing is I kinda got tangled in world building and conversion from one system to another. I have few documents in progres and will post them to this thread once they are ready. My players are veteran rpg/frp players and are willing to help, but I'm bit reluctant to let them because they might get a glimpse of my plans for further adventures. That is one of the reasons i started this thread.
    There are many new classes, archetypes, spellls, rituals etc in pathfinder than in original Birthright, i don't want to limit my players too much but i would also like for character options to be appropriate to the setting. No hell knights in this game
    Right now I'm working on source book for Dwarves and Rjurik, and also trying to convert Book of Priestcraft to pathfinder.
    As i said previously any input is more than welcome.

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