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    wiki problems for 4e versions

    Hi everyone,
    I have noticed that Halfling links to BRCS:Halfling (, but that page is for the BRCS 4e, not BRCS 3.5e. According to, the page should be called 4eHalfling.

    As a mod/admin I tried to use the normal wiki operations to change the name of the BRCS:Halfling page, but it wouldn't let me because I didn't (and couldn't) select a forum to place the renamed page in. I have noticed this when I have tried to rename other pages and have had to create the new page manually, copy'n'paste the contents from the old page, then delete or edit the original page.

    My plan is:
    • "rename" all the erroneous pages to 4e versions, e.g., BRCS:Halfling will become BRCS:4e Halfling
    • Redirect the original BRCS:Halfling and similar pages to the BRCS 3.5e pages
    • Make sure that the 4e_conversion_draft page links to the new pages.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a better way to handle this?

    Note that very little has been said on the wiki about 4e versions. These pages tend to be empty templates, not actual content.


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    Hi Sorontar

    If 4e pages haven't been populated, then they may as well be deleted. 5th ed came out in 2014, and I don't think it was ever that popular with the BR community as otherwise more would have been added.

    Regarding the links, you do more than anyone (quite possibly everyone) to keep the wiki orderly so do what you think is best.

    And as it can never be said too many times, thank you for all the work you do on the wiki.

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