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    New File Added: Battlefield! war cards manager

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    Battlefield! war cards manager

    Battlefield! is a mass battle manager for BRCS written in java.
    Battlefield! (with an exclamation mark) is based upon d20 SRD, will allow the DM to handle easily all the troops on the field, and speed up the battle process.

    • 2 armies battle handled as a list of war cards
    • Condition modifiers support (weather, visibility, terrain, fortification, etc)
    • Multiple auto-attack resolution methods
    • TOTAL CUSTOMIZATION: you can edit your units (it's all in xml format), or improve the project by adding java classes to handle your mechanics
    • Partial AD&D(tm) 2ed war card support
    • Save battles & export/import individual armies

    This software is GPL licensed, meaning you can do any changes you want as long as you keep it free. There is the github link with all the source code: . You will find the latest version there.

    NOTE: Already included with the software are 3 rulesets: BRCS, C&C variant (house rules), and Marsupialmancer's 5E convertion rules. Those rulesets will be a separated download in the future, available only here on, since they contain material unsuited for GPL license.

    Let me know in the comments section if you want any feature added!

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    Battlefield! war cards manager has been updated!
    version 1.1.0 : New ship bunk management, fancy html battle round log, new interface!
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