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    Matt Coleville's Kingdoms and Warfare on Kickstarter.

    So I promise I'm not trying to plug this to be the fan boy, but this is the dedicated warfare rulebook that is the companion of and sequel too Strongholds and Followers. I'm not sure how this will book will expand on the combat, but I also know it will contain rules for running a kingdom. It is made for 5e, but I assume, because of the unique nature of the book and the system that it operates on, that it will be fairly easy to transcribe into other editions of of D&D/Pathfinder when necessary.

    Anyway, the kickstarter is funded with over 1 million already pledged. Just bringing it up here before it ends in 6 days in case anyone was curious about it or wanted to help out.

    The kickstarter is here which contains this youtube video that explains the scope of the book.

    Anyway, this is that, and I'm out.
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    I saw this guy talking birthright stuff last time - he's a fan of some sorts or enthusiast ...
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