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    New File Added: Domain power and taxation list

    Downloads: A new file has been added by Witness3:

    Domain power and taxation list

    Inspired by a thread in the BRdotnet forum,
    this database contains all domain power and taxation list for regents and realms. This can be useful to speed up BRWiki's data entry and for DMs that relies on house rules to quickly handle NPC domains without having to micro-manage them.

    • Regency is simply the sum of all holding levels.
    • Province levels are handled separately
    • Taxes are calculated using 3rd edition

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    Thanks, sorry for the delay in approving the post.

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    No problem!
    If anyone uses the tables, please let me know if you find any error, so I will keep on updating them.

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    Very nice. I like neat lists!
    --Give me ambiguity or give me something else!--

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