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Offline domain database/tables

All the domain tables, in html format, for offline consultation. Also includes domain tables sorted by regent.
It also includes xml/json/sql databases.
This database was created for dungeon masters, contributors and for those who want to make strictly non-profit apps to manage Birthright domains.

It contains the following files:
* data/domains_ordered.xml: xml database with domains and a legend inside
* data/database.sql: SQL version of domains_ordered.xml
* data/database.json: a JSON version of the same database
* realms.html: tables of all cerilian realms
* (anuire / brechtur / rjurik / khinasi / voosgard).html: tables that collect all the holdings divided by regent.
* *.css: graphic look for html pages.

This database was taken from a post by () and has been partially revised and corrected, but not no guarantee is given as to its correctness.