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    Elven Abilities: What happened to their Intelligence? (Also looking for BRCS 3.0)

    Was sorting stuff when I found and got nostalgic for my Birthright character / games.

    One of the things I remembered (and found on my Char sheet) was that Elves used to have +2 Int (along with their other racial abilites).

    In every 3.0 / 3.5 book I currently downloaded here (still had the sheets but not the pdfs) I found the +2 Int was gone.

    If I recall correctly they had the following stat bonuses:
    -2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha

    So I am a bit wondering what gives.

    I did find the below post though :

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
    I believe that the BRCS 3.0 pdf was updated to include the Ch1-6 revisions. I don't have time to check things like that at the moment, but I do know that the individual chapters are in the download section. When/If I get time, I'll also check whether Dr (Travis) Doom's version is also there (since it doesn't seem obvious from filenames).

    So I am now wondering if the +2 Int was on the not-updated 3.0 version?

    It's a minor thing but right now it's an itch I can't scratch.

    Anyway if someone could point me in the direction of the not-updated 3.0 version I would be grateful.

    Doubly grateful if they could tell what happened to the Int Bonus at the same time. I don't want to believe I was playing my character wrong all this time.
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    The wiki doesn't list it as an errata - - so I would take it that it was removed for the BRCS. I presume that when redesigning for 3.0/3.5 we decided that we didn't want to boost 3 abilities and stuck with just boosting Dexterity and Charisma (and penalising Constitution and Strength). Intelligence lost out and Wisdom didn't get affected..

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    The original BR elf (from the boxed set) got +1 Dex, +1 Int, -1 Con, -1 Str. And they had a minimum Charisma of 10.

    The 3E BRCS brought in charisma, but i've never been completely sure why. I assume it had to do with the introduction of sorcerers. They had "magic in the blood", which was similar to why elves did not need to be blooded to be wizards per the original rules. So the new sorcerer fit the original description of the elves, and so they needed a good casting stat- charisma rather than the wizard's intelligence.

    So in that sense i guess dropping the Int bonus and replacing with Cha made sense.


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