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    Abstracted battle system

    When I ran my first Birthright campaign, I didn't really like the card battle which I found too simplistic, and I used wargame like rules (I don't really remember which ruleset I used, but it was something close to BattleLore).

    However, it didn't really improve battles, as they felt like a completely separate game (which was also a problem with the battle card system, but at least, it was quite simple, and fast). What felt the "wrongest" to me was that battles should be the perfect occasion to "bridge" adventuring and realm play, but a separate battle system doesn't work too well for this.

    So I am now looking for a battle system that let the player influence the battles through their direct actions at the individual level, while still making the army meaningful, both for my next campaign of Birthright, and for Zodiac Legion, the computer strategic RPG I am working on (as this one has the same prerequisite when it comes to representing mass battles).

    ACKS: Domains of War (Campaigns) seems to be close to what I want. If you went the same road, which abstracted battle system(from another ruleset, or homebrew) have you used with Birthright?

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    I haven't had a chance to actually play many, but have over the years looked quite a few mass battle systems, hoping for just such a thing.

    Has anyone seen the new "Band of Blades" game that has just come out? It looks like it just might find that elusive balance, and let you experience on-the-battlefield action mixed with strategy...

    I think I'm going to pick it up and try it out.

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    I think Strongholds & Followers from MCDM Productions has a mass combat system. It may be worth a look.


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