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Thread: List of PBEMs

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    List of PBEMs

    Rathar a ambitious project, with some PBEMs being incredibly obscure........but i think it would help if we had a list of known PBEMs, listing some basic info like DMs, the rules its based on, setting, etc.

    List :

    Ruins of Empire

    Ruins of Empire, HEAVILY modified 2nd ed. Of particular note is that each realm is now broken up into provinces ruled by counts/barons(side effect : pretty much every canon regent now has a lot less RP/GB to play with) and that the DM runs actions for dozens of NPC realms at once. Centered on south coast with a few realms in heartlands/eastern marches.

    Campaign history summary : Mt Deismaar wasnt destroyed. Jaison Raenech fought everyone, including Ghoere, and won, becoming the King of Ghoere with tons of vassals. Led crusade to Gorgon's Crown and got killed. Markazor got wasted in the process(level 0 provinces allround), mur-kilad is camping inside their mountains and the swordhawk overran kiergaard.

    Rebels and Tyrants

    Small brechtur game, based on 2nd ed. Action centered around Rohmarch, Kiergard and Massenmarch. Game is in the process of starting.Rule province action is not allowed.There is a way to do so but no one is going to do it because its not worth it.

    Note : It should be noted that the game uses birmail which is bugged and does not follow 2nd ed rules to the letter. DM fiat may also make you fail actions without explanation and you will NOT be compensated.

    Campaign Summary : None.....yet.

    51's PBEM

    Vosgaard campaign, rule province is nerfed to the point of uselessness. Turn 1 has been in processing for nearly a month now. Mixture of BRCS/2nd ed.Mostly 2nd ed.

    Campaign Summary : None...yet.

    Patriots and Tyrants

    Patriots and Tyrants run by Karen/Derek. Based on BRCS to my knowledge I dont really know much about not playing it. To my understanding the DMs play as real players(Not NPC realms!) which leads to some pretty serious trust issues. How are you going to invade someone that knows the perfect details of your battle plan, who is supporting you, and who can slant battle reports, etc his way?

    Campaign History : ???
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    Fearless Leader tries to maintain a webpage to all Birthright links, including PBeM games.

    Found here;

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    As Lebr 3 basically went flatline a few days ago but with a chance of restart or resurrection there are only two games.


    Good hunting.

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    Turn 2 will be starting Monday.
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    Based on BRCS with all domain affecting feats removed.Set in anuire, southern coast.

    Isnt patriots and tyrants run by derek/karen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Question
    Isnt patriots and tyrants run by derek/karen?

    Yes, as far as I know it is, why?

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    Ruins of Empire could always use a few players.

    There are currently a lot of guild openings (PETG, SASI, SRT), as well as a few realms (Aerenwe, Endier, Ghieste).

    Check it out at:

    DM of Ruins of Empire II PbeM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyeless_One
    Yes, as far as I know it is, why?
    Eh just that ive heard some stuff.

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    Lebr 3 died so we are starting up a small brecht game.It will NOT start if insufficient interest is shown however.

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    Legacy of Blood located at is a small game (around 20 regents) set on the Southwestern coast, from Diemed to Osoerde. Currently a few domains are open: EH, WM and Sw2. The game is set 1 year after traditional BR's start, leaving a few alterations, and of particular note is that Kalien's dead without a heir, leaving guilders to fight over the now available holdings, and pressure had Raenech sign a peace treaty with Moergan, which formed the two northern provinces into Upper Osoerde under Moergan's control. Whether it remains this or not hasn't been determined yet...

    It's running on D&D 3,5 using the BRCS with a few modifications, in particular the removal of domain affecting feats. It's currently running on turn 2, after turn 1 went rather uneventful, except for OIT's attempt to conquer Medoere. If this sounds interesting, please come and look.

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