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    This is a custom AD&D2e character sheet that I designed specifically for the BRCS.

    It's 4 pages on legal size paper and is laid out so it can be printed double sided and then the pages can be folded neatly in half to make a very nice book for your characters' information. I will have another PDF with fillable text boxes very soon in the next week or so and I will also upload that.

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    Thanks Messy 1, sparked some happy memories of 2e for this gamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewTall View Post
    Thanks Messy 1, sparked some happy memories of 2e for this gamer.
    My pleasure! IDK when I decided to run a BR campaign I just naturally went with the rules that I grew up with and was most familiar with. I'm playing with a few Pathfinder and D&D veterans and they seem to be enjoying the slightly (or vastly) different rules.

    I'm making a lot of charts and "cheat sheets" so I can look up spells and information quickly from the different manuals. I haven's ruled out making a document with all of the spells categorized by school/sphere/class/type etc. I found an AMAZING document that compiled, categorized, and referenced EVERY non-weapon proficiency in the AD&D2e manuals. It's been invaluable.

    Also, not that this matters much, I'm still giving WoC and D&D some business, y buying a bunch of miniatures, tile sets, battlemats, and other helpful props and accessories that enhance the game for my players.

    If you'd like to know more just chat me up.

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