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    I've been sharing the Kickstarter link like wildfire, and telling all of my friends (online and offline) to get on it. Once I can save up the money to do so, I'll pitch into it as well. I really want to see what all can be done.

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    Thank you so much man!

    Not sure we'll reach our goal but let's hope for the best!

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    If it does not get funded, is there any way to try and work on getting funding for the web application? I'm fervently jonesing for that program.

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    The problem is that I cannot using the Birthright licence. Hence I can't make an application for Birthright.

    The only thing I could do, is built the application with an "empty" setting that players would have to fill in with all the domains data (which then could be the ones from Birthright, that's their responsibility) but that's a looooooooot of work for the GM

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    *pops his knuckles* I'm more than willing to put time in on something like that. And yeah, I understand you cannot use the Birthright license. I'd just like a system to make it easier for future usage of either Birthright or my own campaigns.

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    If we manage to unlock the app, you'll be able to insert your own setting in the app and the rules should be similar enough for you to use the app for your campaign.

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    Administrator Arius Vistoon's Avatar
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    Thumbs up

    5 days left for reach next step but the primary step is here


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    Yeah! Thank you Arius and everyone from, I know many of our backers came from here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaede View Post
    Yeah! Thank you Arius and everyone from, I know many of our backers came from here
    Your campaign got me to post here after 12 years!

    I'm Vico from the KS. Looking forward to the next steps. I hope the writers are already hard at work!

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    Hey Vico!

    Nice to see you here

    We have a conf call on Sunday to start assigning the tasks.
    Richard and Anthony are already going through the BR rules to refresh their memory lol.

    In the meantime, I am struggling getting quotes for everything, printing, translation, shipping, illustrations and so on.

    I set out to manage the development of the web application and I end up doing PMO stuff and community management. But that's fine

    Lyonel is working on the blog/forum to have it online for Christmas so we can communicate more easily with the backers.

    Talk to you soon!

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