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    Registration of hggm failed

    Just got contacted by a member called hggm. He can't post on the forum, so he requested me to relay his issue, so I quote his PM to me:

    "Hey! Sorry, I don't know you. I signed up for the site about a month ago, never received a confirmation email, and so I can't post or download anything here.

    I've tried contacting the site administrators, but nobody has seen or responded. Will you make a post asking them to look at the registration. I even made a second account hggm2 and have the same issue, no confirmation email to complete registration.

    Thank you!"

    And this is his profile:

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    I had the same problem too (original user was Witness1 ! ). Never got a reply from administrators.

    I think it's a spam filter problem - i tried with 3 different email addresses and finally got one working.

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    sorry guys, the mod page said that hggm was 'awaiting email confirmation', so something went wrong with the email - looking at the email address I suspect that the vbulletin spam-o-matic blocked it.

    There is a general rule that means that a newbie has to have their first 10 posts approved by a moderator to stop bots, but that doesn't prevent registration.

    If you are a newbie and can't post, try PM'ing me and I will look into it, as hggm sadly found out I am no longer on every day, but I should get to it reasonably soon.
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    Finally got one to work. It rejected yahoo, outlook, and openmailbox. It immediately worked for a gmail account.

    Thank you for the help! I've been hurting to try these files for the pc game since I ran across the site.

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    normally, i receive email of all people send a request to an admin. This year we have 25 people have problem to register (some rule for reject email is hard, yes), all is ok in one day after i receive the email. the last i receive is today (i will check it after dinner).

    i never receive message from hggm, sorry.
    Let's me know if you continue to have problem or no.
    Need to delete the user hggm if birthrighrocks is the same, right ?

    Sorry for the difficulty you meet and have fun with the ressource of the website.

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