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    Lightbulb Birthright Battles: Using Command and Colors

    Hey All,

    First time poster and about to run my first Birthright campaign. It's a 5E homebrew with a bunch of ideas taken from many of the resources I have found on this site, of which I am grateful!

    Even so I had the idea to use Command and Color: Ancients battlesystem to execute the mass combat that will be taking place. I was wondering if any in the community had thought of doing this, and if so, how well did it work?

    Not only do I think it would make the battles easier to run, I think it would be a fun minigame for a Regent and his council to play. The Troop types and such all fit pretty well, and I think I would limit Tactical cards depending on how well the Regent rolls his "Warfare" Skill.

    I paint 15mm miniatures, so using a stand with 4 figures for each Unit, with a die behind them to track hits would both look pleasing and be functional.

    Any advice or comments?

    Freelance Illustrator & Birthright Lover.

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    Hi there,

    I think many of us tried to find the best way to handle mass army battles in Birthright.
    It's maybe the weak point of this realm management game.

    During my campaign, we came up with some simplified rules but it's mainly because we were using a home-made software to manage our campaign.

    If you want to manage the battles "on a table", I would suggest looking at Battlelore. I think with some adaptations, it could work pretty well.

    My 2c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaede View Post
    If you want to manage the battles "on a table", I would suggest looking at Battlelore. I think with some adaptations, it could work pretty well.
    Thanks for the response! I agree, and it makes sense since the Battlelore system is just a licensed version of Command and Colors! I am fond of Battlelore 1st edition, the second one, not so much.
    Freelance Illustrator & Birthright Lover.

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