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    What features are already implemented in the MMO

    Below is a list of things that are already developed.
    Most of them are basic frameworks and need to be enhanced/build on.
    ie define the skills, the abilities, add quests etc

    • User account management
    • NPC and mobs
    • Chat with channels
    • factions
    • items system
    • looting system
    • quest system
    • dialogue system
    • effect plugin (see the fireball move to hit a player)
    • skills plugin
    • abilities plugin
    • player character plugin
    • crafting system
    • stats system
    • currencies
    • arena plugin (PVP)
    • trading system
    • Build objects system (claim land and build stuff)
    • multistage building - ie upgrade to a building, farm etc
    • class system
    • merchants tables plugin
    • race system
    • resourse nodes
    • Regions
    • mailing system
    • grouping
    • guild system
    • inventory
    • mounts
    • level xp system
    • day & night weather
    • pets (combat and non-combat)
    • guild housing
    • player housing
    • Instances (for dungeon, pvp, playerhouseing etc)
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