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    Have a bunch of books and boxed sets for trade

    Hello all,
    Brand new here. Not much of a Birthright player, but going through my games closet I have a load of BR books and boxed sets that I bought when I was a kid. They've all been opened but never used and are in great condition.
    Is anyone interested in these? Hoping to trade for Dark Sun materials. Old FR would do too. Located in Canada.. references available.

    If this kind of post is not allowed could someone please ask the admins to scold me? I was unable to find out otherwise through the rules or searching.

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    The post is fine. We ban stuff that is breach of copyright, spam, or obscene/etc but that's about it.

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    Good to see you found us. Looks like they deleted your post on the reddit forums. Sorry to see that
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    Nice little collection! I'm not sure I need duplicates, but if for some reason you don't find a buyer you might stop back by and let us know.

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    Very nice collection. If I had a job, I'd definitely find a way to try and buy those off you.

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