Ok, i will keep this relatively short and to the point.

My first question/advice seeking is related to Noble Houses and the Realms.

Stick to the Southern States as that is my base for my tabletop games, both Realm ruling and general Adventuring. (Running Age of Worms, altered for Birthright...works very well)

Ok, how many Noble Houses would each realm feasibly have? You obviously have the ruling Family of each Country, but then provinces, would you have one Major Household and several minor?

The idea i had was to use the actual Province rating to Determine number of Noble Families found within that Province? (not ideal when province level is raised, but for starters gives a defined figure) Does this sound resonable? too many, too few?

I was thinking of working off the Community modifiers and use overall province population level to determine number of aristocrat classes, but then you have the problem of splitting those into what can soemtimes be quite convulated family trees.

Any Advice for this? Ideas? Thoughts?

My second and more important question is;
The Imperial City of Anuire is a city but functions very similar to a Province.

What my idea was, was to actaully make each Kingdoms Capitol/or Cities each also count as a little Province much like the Imperial City of Anuire, with some guidelines on surrounding Province for max level etc....to keep it in check (kind of like how holdings work).

But the problem i think would be the existing Holdings already in each Province are obviously based within the capitol (major setlement) of each province, so how Could you work this out? I thought that the Existing Holdings are the influence over the countryside/rural folk as opposed to the city dwellers.

What i'm really askign in reagrds to this city style, is would you feel it imbalancing? cumbersome? unrealistic? Not suited to flavour? Good idea? Thoughts? Opinions?

Hope this makes sense?