Has anyone considered re-envisioning or re-building Birthright with some of the current board game innovations in mind?

I wonder if the game could be played much faster (and possibly much more satisfyingly) if the Domain Turn actions in particular, but also mass battles and even quick adventures could be played out in some of the common board game modes:

--Worker placement/resource management strategy game seems to lend well to turns (and rapidly moving through turns); Lords of Waterdeep, Scythe

--Build games

--Wargames/skirmish for battles

--Deck building/drafting (though this may be suspect; perhaps at an adventure or regent level)

--Variant RPGs/strategy games like Gloomhaven, Twilight Imperium, Descent (though I'm not very familiar with these)

I wonder if some of these can be simulated without having to have a physical game board, pieces, cards, etc, or an app. Just sort of use a form.

Seems like games have come a long way in the past 10 years, and a lot can be learned from the well-designed ones.

Some of the weaknesses of BR have been complexity and time commitment involved in managing domain turns and battles, or adventures. Wonder if those could be addressed by borrowing concepts.

I still think in terms of things that could support the PBEM/Play-by-Post community. Allow the narrative and diplomacy with easier/more satisfying game systems to support.