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    Looking for a Cartographer Program

    I am currently looking for a cartographer program to create my own RPG realm using some of the Birthright concepts for a combination of story and game that I plan on working with. I have heard someone mention to me about Campaign Cartographer and I have seen some of its capability though online it looks like you need a whole pack of things that run about $600 while it's on sale.

    Does anyone have any better suggestions? I might just end up hiring someone to do the artwork/geography for me though I have a basic concept of what I want to work with and would prefer to do the work myself if I can find a program.

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    Hexographer maybe? It is fairly cheap and should let you get at least a rough outline of everything that you want. It is possibly not as pretty as you want though - a lot like to old 2e style hex maps with symbols for ruins, forests, etc.

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    Campaign Cartographer on sale through May 24, 2018 via Humble Bundler

    Humble Bundle does discount bundles as charity fundraisers. As I type CC is on sale.

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    Rats..... if I'd seen this two weeks ago I'd have let you know that bundle of holding just had the core package set on for $70.

    That being said... I HIGHLY recommend Campaign Cartographer. You only need CC3 if you're only doing overland maps. DD3 is really useful for dungeon mapping, and City Designer really only gives you randomized city streets. Which is an amazing time saver for large cities.

    It has a learning curve, but is well worth it- spend 30 minutes doing the tutorial that comes with it and you're off to the races.

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    Sweet. I haven't picked anything up yet but intend on looking at CC3 from what a friend was recommending.

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    It's a shame you missed the Bundle of Holding. I picked it up, but I'll admit I havent even downloaded it yet. I think it's been on there before, so I'd keep an eye out (also worth it just because they have good stuff regularly and you get to support some cool game devs).

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