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    Looking for a Cartographer Program

    I am currently looking for a cartographer program to create my own RPG realm using some of the Birthright concepts for a combination of story and game that I plan on working with. I have heard someone mention to me about Campaign Cartographer and I have seen some of its capability though online it looks like you need a whole pack of things that run about $600 while it's on sale.

    Does anyone have any better suggestions? I might just end up hiring someone to do the artwork/geography for me though I have a basic concept of what I want to work with and would prefer to do the work myself if I can find a program.

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    Hexographer maybe? It is fairly cheap and should let you get at least a rough outline of everything that you want. It is possibly not as pretty as you want though - a lot like to old 2e style hex maps with symbols for ruins, forests, etc.

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