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    New tabletop campaign - asking for feedback

    Hello everyone,

    I am starting a new campaign for my regular players. We were playing, for the last 6 years, in a non-BR setting. Only one of my players has ever played in BR, and in Anuire specifically.

    Backdrop: 200 years after Mt. Deismaar, an expedition of 4 ships left from Bindier to find lands to colonize to the west. They found a large, horseshoe-shaped island, with a smattering of much smaller ones around it. The souther and western parts of the island are mostly plains, with the northern and western part are hills mostly covered by subtropical forest. The expedition meets the natives, which are anthropomorphic felines, with each subrace filling a role in a caste system (with exceptions, of course). At first, they don't know what to do with the expedition, so they let them build a small colony, complete with farms around it. The expedition stabilizes and the first province is created, claimed for the Anuirean Empire.

    Current: 300 years have elapsed. About 50% of the island is now controlled by the expedition's descendants (15-20 provinces). There is an uneasy truce between the Rrak'tar (the anthropomorphic races) and the settlers.

    PC races:
    Anuirean (they have almost all the political and military power)
    Brecht (merchants brought along)
    Khinasi (merchants brought along)
    Goblin (small enclave in one Rrak'tar province, they are almost extinct, dating to a previous expedition from centuries past.
    Halflings (they snuck in)
    Half-elves (some that did not side with the elves at Deismaar)
    Dwarves (invited on the expedition for their mining/crafting skills)
    Rrak'tar races

    NPC-exclusive races:
    Sea elves

    Ruleset: 3.5

    Allowed PC classes: As usual, with barbarian limited to Rrak'tar and Goblin. No monks, no druids, no sorcerers.

    Starting level: 2.

    Focus: Intended campaign theme: PCs are "hired muscle" for a count/countess, and they discover clues that there might be ruins of a civilization that predates the Rrak'tar on the island. They are ordered to investigate and report. They find that there were really 2 races competing for the islands. One is Yuan-Ti, the other is humans of a previously-unknown origin. The Yuan-Ti had come from Aduria, and found the island inhabited by the Humans, which had come from further West. The Yuan-Ti eventually enslaved all the humans and created the Rrak'tar from them. The Rrak'tar rebelled and successfully killed off the Yuan-Ti.

    The character can use this knowledge to try to bridge the gap between races, to favor the settlers over Rrak'tar, or to side with the Rrak'tar (or something else they come up with, of course).

    Bloodlines: Due to conflict, the Rrak'tar killed quite a number of tainted and minor scions early on. They then started to understand the implications of bloodlines. Thus, some Rrak'tar have minor bloodlines, and quite a few have tainted (1-10) ones. The rate of reproduction of Rrak'tar is usually 2-3 offsprings per pregnancy, meaning that the number of scions is unusually high. This, in turn, tempts quite a few blooded settlers into breaking the truce in the hope of killing "cats" and thus maybe get a lucky increase to their bloodline... if they are not caught. Thus the truce is always in danger of being shattered by human greed.

    The Rrak'tar are more than eager to exterminate the settlers and get back to the peaceful era that prevailed before the settler's arrival, when only caste conflicts were spilling Rrak'tar blood. Thus the truce is always in danger of being shattered by Rrak'tar hatred.

    I'm pondering the possibility of not telling my players that it is a BR setting, to roll bloodlines and blood abilities (if any) in secret and then tell them about it as they adventure.

    Feedback, thoughts and questions are appreciated.

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    Sounds good, I did a few its on the 'lands of the utter west' that should be in a thread somewhere if you want to look at that.

    I think BR works well with players growing into realms, bloodlines are supposed to grow in response to actions aligned with the old god and diminish with opposing actions although that was a story thing never rules from recollection, so you could have their bloodlines awaken as they do great deeds and so on, or when they first acquire a holding for some act on behalf of a regent, etc.

    Best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewTall View Post
    Sounds good, I did a few its on the 'lands of the utter west' that should be in a thread somewhere if you want to look at that.
    Thank you for the pointer :-)

    I certainly will take a look at that!

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