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Thread: Magician spells

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    Magician spells

    Hallo everyone, I'm new to the forum and to Birthright. I was having a look to the 3.5 conversion, to see if it's maybe worth it using it in a future campaign.

    I was checking out the magician class, and I noticed that, in the newest version, it may cast spells up to level 6, while the spell list includes also 9's (I believe because it was never updated to 3.5). Which spell list should I use for the magician?

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    I hadn't noticed that before, as you say it is clearly inconsistent.

    Barring use of rituals and so on I can't see how the magician could use the higher level spells, which does fit with the general ethos of the class.

    Rituals were a house rule I had ages ago that loosely said that if you took longer to cast the spell, had assistants, etc you could cast at a higher level, it fitted the campaign where I wanted priests who could heal (rarely) serious illnesses without having lots of high level clerics around. Magicians would do something similar with casting times of hours, days or even weeks to let them cast a needed spell - useless in battle of course but not out of place in Cerilia given battle spells and realm spells in my opinion.

    I would go with what sounds like it should work best in your campaign, and tell players it may change if it doesn't work.

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    If we agree that there should be no 7/8/9 level spells in the Magician's spell list, that will need to be added to for Chapter 3.
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    There's certainly precedent for restricting a class to six spell levels - Paizo did it a lot in Pathfinder and Starfinder currently has no 7th-9th level spells at all.

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    I don't have the document handy, but i guess in my head i thought the magician could cast spells of higher levels only if they were divinations or illusions.

    I've not played 3.5 in a while, so clearly i need to have a look at it again. Heh.


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