I still have to do some clean up, but there was basically nothing on this page. I started to do this once before but only got the picture up before I got pulled away.

I did take a bit of artistic license when it came to land make-up and village professions because there was just enough info to get general ideas. Couple that with knowledge of the kinds of people there, the history, their neighbors and their history the stories kind of emerge on their own on what a town would be doing in X location.

Anyway, like I said, still some clean up and some addons. Need to get some landmarks in and a two or three sentence description of the major towns (that are actually covered). Still need to put in a bit on the history with the Halskapans and need to add something about the giants and pirates (both of which the books only mention in passing somewhere else... ugh). Also need to fill out the infobox on the page. But in the meantime, take a look and see if it is up to snuff.