Hello there. I know, sometimes I keep saying I am going to do a game and I keep meaning to, but something always seems to come up and the concept I have dies.

Well, I've come into another concept, and yet another problem. I am currently trying to write something for a combination of a novel and /possible/ RPG around an altered Earth where most of the Gods come back in the early A.D.'s and invest in specific heroes to combat new and old creatures. Of course, my favorite mythology (Norse) has already experienced Ragnarok so most of their Gods are dead, though some of the main story revolves around Loki having inhabited a female human before his main body's death, sparing only a little bit of his power in this vessel. She, however, has stolen the genetic code for the Norse Gods and Creatures, however, and is trying to escape those that have survived. In the meanwhile, all other manner of creatures, and even a few Gods threaten Humanity.

Now, my issue, in case you don't have a connection to my facebook page, has been what specific year (or series of years) to base the game on. My /current/ idea is 75 A.D. since Vulcan is one of the Gods who has forsaken mankind and for the second time erupts a Volcano to create his own species (the first time the Minoan Eruption of Thera, the second time Pompeii). Boudicca has been saved from either killing herself or dying from illness by her Goddess and is tasked to save the world as her main Hero... etc...

The second problem? I keep finding maps for around 100+ B.C. or 100+ A.D. Which ones I /do/ find that present the era I want have either been degraded, not enough displayed, or are synced in with another 500 years in a manner that I cannot decipher. So, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I've been asking in any historical facebook group and have decided to ask here since the game I am making is Birthright-based (though I might have to call it something else since if the initial test works, it'll be it's own system).