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    New Campaign... Unclear about creating domains

    Recently I've started a new 2nd Edition Birthright campaign. I have three players who all made blooded characters, but none of them chose to be regents.

    We've played a few games and they've accumulated quite a bit of gold. Now they're interested in setting up their own domains. To facilitate this I've expanded the bit in the Book of Magecraft that says a Create Holding action can be used as a Free Action by a blooded non-regent character to make a Source (0) so that they can use the Create Holding action to do the same for guild holdings and law holdings.

    This solution was the best I could come up with, but I'm worried that I'm not doing this the right way. Given my penchant for missing stuff lately, I've looked over the rules that I have several times and still haven't seen a way for a blooded character to become a regent that doesn't require some sort of investiture. Did I go about this the right way given the circumstances, or does someone have a better solution?

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    Every character has 3 actions a season, it is just that without regency or gold there isn't much point tracking non-regents.

    So I would have your would-be regent spend an action, gold, and if they have any, regency (perhaps won via adventures, burning bloodline to convert it in to regency points, gifted from a regent, inherited, from a magic item, etc) to crete a holding just like anyone else.

    Alternatively they could inherit a holding, or win a holding in an adventure.

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    I would suggest that they also indicate how they are "doing something for the community" in the way of setting up a holding. They need to get a public reputation/renown to build up their ability to either win regency or be gifted it.

    For instance:
    * If they are after a law holding, is there a long-term crime or civil management issue that they can campaign and then act on? Allow them to be creative. For instance, the current PM of India is very successful with his campaign to clean rubbish and sewage from the streets of India. Could your players do likewise and then shift to other actions and policies which build on this.
    * if they are after a guild holding, perhaps acting as the middleman between two disparate groups to help establish trade routes. This middleman role can then change to being the supplier. Alternatively, can they win the favour of public figures towards their products or upcoming guild? How can they then maintain the public need for their trade?
    * If after a temple holding, then try to build on some ideal of the faith that relates to current affairs, even in a small way. Become a major voice for the campaign and then extend that to support for the faith. Try to get some political support for your campaign.
    * For a source holding, it is a bit harder due to magical nature of the holding, but again, you need to start small and then build up.

    Once this starting point is completed and you feel that they have reached Level 0, then they can try to challenge any existing domains to build up their holdings.

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