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Thread: History Buffs

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    History Buffs

    For any of you out there who love history, especially things like medieval, Roman, Greek, or other ancient history and history of warfare, I recommend a few sources:

    Subscribe to and pick some interests. Every day my feed has some interesting stuff with questions and in-depth answers on topics like sword crafting, medieval life, matchups of historical generals or armies, etc. The answers and comments on the answers are usually pretty good, or at least thought provoking.

    Then there's (and that company's competitor, Modern Scholar) which produce audio serieses from professors and historians on various topics. The Great Courses are largely available on Audible, and many on libraries, even on-demand downloads from libraries. All kinds of great stuff I've listened to over the years from them. Currently listening to "Decisive Battles of History." Previously, "The Empires of the Steppes" (Mongols and their predecessors -- kind of the history of horse archers ), the Vikings, the Wars of Religion, The Crusades, Alexander the Great, etc.

    Dispelled lots of erroneous modern notions about eras of history. Really helps connect cause and effect, too.

    Anyone else a history buff and fans of these or other sources?

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    I get the Great Courses on CD from the library, and listen to them in the car. J. Rufus Fears is my favorite professor.

    As for podcasts, I started with Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, but they've been getting longer and longer, and produced slowly. I recently added History Extra from, but I've only listened to one so far.

    Spycast, from the International Spy Museum, is a good one to listen to.

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