I've been running over changes and systems in my head for a while now and I really think Birthright can click into the new Godbound system without a lot of work. Over the next few weeks I'll be digging in to the mess of it and writing down some thoughts on the conversion. What has me really excited is the thought of using the faction system to handle regency instead of the domain system.

If anyone is curious, the Godbound book is free in PDF format on Drive-thru RPG, but the deluxe version ($20) offers 50 more pages of examples, NPC creation, and tech-creations... all of which is helpful, none of which is necessary.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing some thoughts with you guys.

Disclosure: Godbound is an OSR sandbox game that is less number crunchy and more free flowing. It talks and plays in generalities. For the sake of the birthright system, I will have to modify quite heavily the mass combat rules, but I expect it not to be difficult. It's author, Kevin Crawford, is well respected in the field and is responsible for Sine Nomine Publishing. Though not officially stated, this system was created to compete with and usurp the recent Exalted 3rd ed while allowing for enough room to fall into most RPG's. I am a fan.