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    Alternate to combat results cards?

    I recently dug my Birthright materials from the back hall of my parents' place. I was pleased to discover that all the unit cards were intact and together - though I only had two of the white cards with combat results on them. I guess I must not have thought they were important when I acquired the set ten years ago. *smacks forehead*

    Does anyone have an alternate system for resolving hits/routs/fallbacks? (as I'm not naughty enough to ask for scans of the cards)

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    The system provided in the BRCS d20 playtest/sanctioned chapters works really similar to the warcards but is more flexible. You could even use the unit cards and map if you wanted to or you could use miniatures on a grid or with rulers. It uses a normal d20 as opposed to the randomization of drawing cards and even includes the rules for making up different kinds of units. It doesn't exactly have all the features that people who love wargames are all about, but it is a lot more elegant system than what shipped with 2nd ed. BR box set and maintains the same balance so that even in a 2nd edition game you could still use the BRCS playtest mass combat rules.

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