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Thread: Any artists?

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    Any artists?

    So I saw yesterday where Sorontar is still hard at work and had updated a spell. I had a little fit over how poorly the info box was managed and so, renewed, I plugged away again at making my own. I'm happy to report I think I've made a ton of progress and am getting close to completion. However, due to my lack of understanding of what I'm actually coding only what it does when I slam my head on the keyboard, I hope I'm not breaking anything along the way.

    Anyway, I've kind of come up with a neat idea for the info box. However I'd like a little 100x100 image for all 9 schools of magic. If anyone knows where I can get some to use here or is so artistically inclined they can make them that would be great. Also, feel free to give some ideas on what you think those images could be! I see Evocation as being kind of representative of fire and ice and Necromancy being just a big skull. What do you think?
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    Alteration - maybe a picture of a half-way shifted werewolf?
    Charm - love heart?
    Illusion - mist or a transparent figure?
    Divination - a crystal ball?
    Abjuration - a shield
    Conjuration - a genie bottle & genie?

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