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Thread: Location issues

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    Location issues

    Hey guys - one of the things that recently popped in session with my players was treasury is handled at the domain level - which works for speed of play, but affects how many gold bars can be stolen from weaker areas that in a real world type of situation would normally be funneled via wagon or courier of some sort to larger and larger locations until ending up at the central administration of the province then sent to the capital of the country or domain's official treasury.

    It also creates issues with sending funds back to raise armies, build things etc that would require timing.

    One of the constant issues in here is the whole 1 army, occupying 1 province with multiple domains having strongholds, then the province fortifications thing. (always solved as province fortifications represents a castle that's value acts as a bonus to other strongholds in contesting/reducing their levels so long as the province ruler favored the domain's stronghold in question) - it was a spin off the pdf on the forum for conquests from years ago.

    I'm not really enthralled with the idea, but two of the more logistics minded in the group are chomping at the bit for it & the others seem to like the idea from adventure or strategic viewpoints for creating options in game play.

    I might see this going into another game or online game I'd code up - as I never gave up the idea - so issues of too much paper & pen time / dm over load wouldn't be as big of a deal.
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    My thoughts.

    Gold bars are a game mechanic used to simplify an economy that would function largely by exchanges in kind. Actual gold bars would rarely exist in practice, except as reserves in the capital. It would normally be impossible to steal any amount of gold bars from a provincial area, mainly because they do not actually exist. Almost all such business is handled without any exchange of gold whatsoever, and is transacted in kind. Only if there is an excess of production would that even be transported to the capital, and much of it would not be in gold.

    One clear case where gold of any amount might be present in quantity is the payment of an army. People do try to steal payrolls, and soldiers tend to demand payment in specie. Otherwise all actual gold bars would be limited to the excess from last turn and all would be located in the capital treasury. Good luck stealing them.

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    Since GB and domain level mechanics are quite abstract, why not use something like it for what you are looking. Law claims for example could be a model for an example to use for players trying to make theft on the domain level of GB flow through the economy. It reflects the levels of the environment and gives a chance at making some GB.

    Say a player targets a holding and makes their attempt theft. You have your chart of success based on the numbers in play. Simple enough for you and to remain consistent with the domain system. Then if you like do your creative writing bit and make the story come alive.

    After all is said an done, now the players have to find a fence to buy all that crap to get cash at a reduced price. After all pickers and pawn stars need their cut. Crime doesn't pay as well as being King that is for sure.
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    I agree with Magian's approach.
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