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    Campaign Start Date

    I'm trying to decide when to start out my campaign (it's sort of a Spelljamming/Planescape campaign, so it includes other settings). I'm not sure which year is the best starting year to use.

    Which year was the "current" year in the original boxed set? How far did the supplements advance the timeline? Were there any auspicious astronomical events in recent years? What suggestions would you personally give for a fun date to start on?

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    1524 HC (551 MR) is the default date. The setting never progressed due to TSR's financial woes, despite several hints at an ongoing metaplot.

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    Thanks! That's what I needed to know. I'm kind of glad they never really got the meta-plot off the ground. I much prefer to go from a start date and make my own. On the other hand, supplements that expand the geographical or other elements of a setting are great.

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