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Ideas for the 7 planets:

Andoran - air planet, several floating island ruled by orders of Knights
Rynnar - live planet, huge forests
Barenna - merchant planet
El-bassah - asteroids around the sun, powerful fire mages
Messala - water planet, Masetians are still alive, great explorers
Vossar - Vos-like people, but less warlike, and more inclined to magic-use?
Azath - the dark planet, albino humans with snake-like features
Weird, I also had a similar idea to the planets of Birthspace/Bloodspace except mine had only 5 planets.

These were (in order):
Sun (Basaia)
Water planet with islands and archipelagos (Masela)
Aebrynis with moon (Vorynn)
Twilight planet filled with forests (Reynir)
Ring of asteroids with cities devoted to trade and mining (Brenna)
Large air planet with rings (Anduiras)
Icy dark planet very far from the sun (Azrai)

None of the planets except Aebrynis had a moon(s). And the moon of Aebrynis was a silvery desert.