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    Detailed language rule for 5th edition

    I have worked up a set of rules for handling linguistic diversity under 5th edition rules.
    Let me know what you think (and yes, I already know it adds a lot of complexity, but that is the point, in this case such complexity vastly improves the game in my eyes).
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    I have always disliked the common language idea as well. One of the big things that drew me into Stargate was the language barrier and challenges it brought. The movie hit on that nicely and the TV series pilot did as well, but after that first episode they ignored this.

    Divination magic is supposedly considered the lesser magic, but with barriers like this it becomes powerful. I like Divination, because it is gaining information and that is part of gaining power. However, when you don't make any barriers to gaining that information, the information gaining abilities become useless as well as the characters that specialize in it. Add something like this, and their value goes up.
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