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    Facebook Interface

    I've been wondering if anyone has thought about using Facebook as the interface for a Birthright PBeM. I know there are several messageboards and a variety of web hosting sites, but I've noted that these services tend to have issues -- too many pop-up / flash banner ads or an influx of spambots. Does anyone have any thoughts about the benefits / drawbacks of using Facebook? Do most avid Birthright players have a Facebook account?

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    I haven't had one in years and I've barely even noticed.

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    I haven't looked into it with any sort of extensive examination, but what I understand about FB is the following. You have to link up with others through friends and likes. There are settings that filter what others can see, which seems like a nice feature for BR. However, the likes are what becomes the problem. I don't think that you see everything that is posted by others. Likes get more posts by that publisher. But still, I am unsure how the likes and showing up on your news feed works. I've had family members make announcements that I've missed that were pretty big and didn't find out about them until much later. In this respect it seems unreliable.
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    For my short-lived Zaidan campaign I used Proboards and had zero issues.
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