My group just played its second battle with this system, and I thought it would be worth mentioning a few things here. In both fights, the PCs' kingdom used 3 or 4 units of no more than 200 combatants each. In UC's terms, these would be "Medium" or "Large" armies, whereas in BR, those are pretty much the standard.

We found that units this small are very vulnerable to getting wiped out in one blow, while PCs of high level are super-powerful.

Tactics and maneuver on the battlefield are very abstracted, with unit special abilities, boons, or tactics all becoming die-roll modifiers. I had little problem with this in my mind, but it really bothered some of my players.

We are playing the Kingmaker Adventure Path (currently in Book 3, with the party at 10th level), but I've moved it to the Mistmoor in Cerilia. The party's realm is 71 hexes, but I'm pretending that's 2 provinces in BR terms. In the ruleset's defense, mass combat isn't supposed to happen (in this AP as published) until book 5, when the kingdoms are much larger and capable of fielding bigger armies.

I tried to help the players visualize the battlefield by using some of the warcards from BR to represent units (post-it notes to show the new stats) and the BR battlemat, but that merely showed them what they couldn't do (see lack of visible maneuver).

My first idea is to import some things from the BRCS, such as movement on the battlefield of 1-3 spaces, and keep nearly all of the rest of the UC rules, while inflating the size of the units next time.

Thoughts, opinions?