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    Pathfinder - Ultimate War from Legendary Games

    I am considering getting Ultimate War and have been considering it since I first heard of it in 2013. I think they have just recently released it (or else I have lost sight of looking for it for about six months), and I do not have the ability to purchase it anytime soon.

    From what little bit I had heard and the tidbits that were shared from the Author, I think it would be a great addition to Birthright.

    Has anyone read this book? Is there a lot to the Mass Combat that they fix that would apply well to Birthright? Are the Siege rules good? Custom Mercenaries (race-wise)?

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    I haven't looked at Ulitmate War, but I have read and played with the mass combat rules in Ultimate Campaign and Kingmaker. Those work fine for a BR game, IMO. I think UWar is an expansion for those rules?

    I haven't done a siege, so I can't speak to that. It does work OK for units of monsters or nonhumans, I think.

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    My favorite mass combat supplement continues to be Cry Havoc

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    I went ahead and spent $20 to get a paypal reload card (more like $24 with the $3.95 charging fee) and purchased the Ultimate War PDF from a gaming site via Paypal. I'm just looking at it, but it does seem to be decently sized.

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    And I am quite sad that I paid money for that PDF. It was definitely not worth the money that I had paid. The talk about this PDF for the longest was about how wonderful it would be, and that it would have mercenaries listed in here, along with a great many different things outside of sieges. I don't see any of those things. It feels like all it lists is mostly either vehicles or siege engines. So... yeah, not really worth $10 + extra.

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