It has been tabooed by many the usage of great powers at the arsenal of the Gorgon. With great respect to the Prince and to the being been involved it was about time we utilized some of the great powers he had at his hand. We adhered to the fact that Raesene does not want simple to ruin and destroy the Anuirean Empire but rather in a twisted version of his imaginagion, rule it. We unleashed hell on Anuire at some point, and it was devastating. I would like to keep reminding you that we are not strategy playing but we are doing this on character level, down to the tradition role playing way. The stories are the way our universe has evolved over 70 + years. Anuire is a dark place, war is raging, intrigue and death are looming over everything.

I want to apologize to all those who favor Mhoried as a state, at what it represented but in my eyes, it is the brave and heroic who most of the times pay the price of failure. The story evolved on the edge of a huge and massive assault Raesene launched at Anuire. This time he utilized everything in fear of something greater, something that made him stir at Kail-Saitharak. Anuireans already pre-occupied at their own punny wars never believed that the encroaching goblins of the north would make it past Bevalduor.
Along side Mhoried, the capital of Ghoere and the cities of Haes and Lofton where assaulted at by Raizhadik. Feel free to comment and throw some ideas.