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    Birthright for Hero Lab

    I am planning on doing up some Hero Lab files for Birthright, I will most likely do it for the Pathfinder setting as that is what I am interested in right now. I was wondering if anyone had thought of doing this or has done this already? I probably will need help figuring some things out for the files. I do think it will be fun though.
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    If you're willing to share those, that would be superb. My wife and I are doing the exact same thing, and would be willing to share our files on Hero lab in exchange for yours. I will say we just got started and the party together, so it may be a while before our files are ready.

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    I had to take a hiatus from working on this, as I had it on my laptop and I currently don't have it in my possession, once I get it back though I can send you want little I have done. I was having issues with some of the blood abilities and the coding behind things, though I had a good start of everything else.

    I would love to see what you have done to compare, once I get my laptop back.
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    I hear you. I'm pretty new at Hero Lab myself, but one thing my wife has pointed out to me (she is the one who started Hero Lab between us) is there is a tab in Hero Lab in the Pathfinder version, in which you can add permanent changes and such. Things like HP, Damage, New Spells, Extra Spells, etc etc etc. Anyway, that's how I'd do the changes for things like Blood Abilities and such.

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    I don't remember if I had gotten to the Blood abilities part of the work yet, That would be a valid way of doing things, or you could add the blood abilities as feats and give them to the character also. The hardest party of adding the Blood ABilities would be the sorting out of what they actually do and how to apply that to the characters.

    Hopefully I can get my laptop back soon though. Still waiting on things. Real life can be so slow sometimes.
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    Haven't gotten my laptop back yet, but I did find a copy of teh HL files I was working on for this. I remembered I had posted them in the HL forums, so I went to see if they were still around. Found them, will add the file to my dropbox and link it here.

    This is what was finished in them (taken from my post over there):

    Cerilian Human - (Done)
    --Anuirean - French/English
    --Brecht - Germanic/Hanseatic
    --Khinasi - Middle East/Morish
    --Rjurik - Scottish/Norse/Viking
    --Vos - Russian/Hun/Mongol

    Cerilian Dwarf - Heavier Set than Vanilla (Done)
    Cerilian Elf - Mostly identical to Vanilla (Done - Optional Spell list additions ToDo)
    Cerilian Half-Elf - (Basic started)
    Cerilian Halfling - Refugees from the Shadow Realm. (Done)
    Cerilian Goblins - More civilized than some goblins (Basics done)
    Cerilian Orog - Ancient enemy of Dwarves, this underground race hate sunlight and possesses great strength. (Done mosty, may need some tweaks)
    Gnolls - (Vanilla, no work needed)
    Awnsheghlien - Monsters created by the corruptive power of the Dark God Azrai. Each is Powerful and Unique. (Gonna be very difficult, May just do the Specific Awnsheglien then work on a way to make custom ones)

    Domains, Gods and some spells done, still needs work.
    Equipment - 3 New weapons

    Cerilian Dragons Age Category Old and up basics done.

    Dropbox link:
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    Finally got my laptop back. The file I posted last was a lot out of date from what I had on my laptop. I updated the link though. It is now the current version of the file and has a bunch of things updated.

    Lord_Johnny, Have you and your wife gotten anything started for your own version yet, would love to see what you have got. Feel free to pop me a message on skype if you want to chat it up sometime.
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    I have been working on this project a bit and have been adding little bits here and there when i get a chance. Let me know if you want the updated files uploaded. I am trying to get a bit more stuff in before I upload them, though if asked I can upload what I have so far.

    I added class archetypes for Paladins of each variety in the 3rd edition conversion that I am using.
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