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    (2e) Mass Combat - PC actions

    I thought to allow Heroes to perform special actions while they lead their armies, something based to on their proficiencies. For example:

    Mass Combat: a Hero leading a unit can make a proficiency check each round to perform a special action. All effects only apply once.

    Animal Handling: a mounted unit move increases by two.
    Healing: a unit in reserve removes one hit, and can re-enter battle after 1d5 rounds.
    Intrigue: chose one enemy unit in the same zone. You cannot attack each other.
    Leadership: change an R result to an H.
    • Mountaineering: ignore the effects of mountain/cliff terrain.
    • Siegecraft: +2 melee and ranged when attacking a Fortification.
    Spellcraft: cast a Battle Spell.
    • Strategy: +1 to move, or +1 to melee, or +1 to charge, or +1 to missile, or +1 to defense.
    Survival: ignore the effect of a specific terrain.


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    One problem (aside from the abstraction issue) is the ability of 1 person to impact the effectiveness of 200.

    But that aside, I'd see the key ability of a PC as being to rally demoralised troops or inspire / lead them, so leadership and strategy would be the key 2 skills to me.

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