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Thread: Realm actions.

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    Realm actions.

    Realm action: Rule Holding normally only affects one holding. It may also be used as a realm-wide action. If a domain takes Rule Holding as its standard action, it may use additional court actions to Rule Holdings of the same type in other provinces. For each court action used, an additional holding of the same type may be affected. All costs and success checks are calculated individually for each province affected.

    Lets say i use a realm action in turn 1 action 1 to rule holdings.Am i allowed to use court actions in turn 1 action 2 to rule holdings as part of the action 1's realm action?

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    No you can't use future actions (e.g., upcoming court actions) in the present round.

    The only court actions that can be used are the ones available that round. Things can affect the number of court actions a regent can have in the future so that number is not a definite one.
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