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    6ish months into a 5E BR campaign now. I find it doesn't take much of an imagination for me as a DM to apply 2E rules to 5E mechanics. We've abandoned 2E battle cards in favor of the system developed in the 3E BRCS book.

    One thing I have found is the adventures written for 2E Birthright (so far tried Seeking Bloodsilver and A Family Matter) do not play well to the sensibilities of my group in their late 20s-early 30s. They seem too railroady for the players, and require a lot more prep work for the DM than they are worth.

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    Re: 5e Sorcerer/Scion

    Since the 5e Sorcerer hasn't any place in the Birthright setting, how hard would it be to turn the Scion into a class built out of the Sorcerer? Bloodlines are the foundation for both concepts, and it seems a shame to leave the Sorcerer just collecting dust on the shelf, as it were.
    Sorry if this seems a silly suggestion, I've never actually played Birthright and just love a lot of the setting's mechanics (scions, regency, domains and domain play, etc.).

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    Have a look at the 3ed BRCS version of Sorcerer ( That is one way to reinterprete the DnD for Birthright as the true magic has always been rather inherent in Mages already. I am not sure how similar 5e Sorcerers are, but hopefully it will provide some inspiration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Fossati View Post
    Here's my personal list of gods&domains in 5E

    Haelyn: Life, War

    Avani: Light, Life

    Nesirie: Tempest, Knowledge

    Erik: Nature

    Sarimie: Trickery, Knowledge

    Rournil: Knowledge, Life

    Kriesha: Tempest

    Belinik: War, Tempest, Death

    Cuiraécen: War, Tempest

    Laerme: Light, Trickery

    Eloéle: Trickery
    This is the list I came up with
    Avani: Light, Knowledge

    Belinik: War, Tempest

    Cuiraécen: War, Tempest

    Eloéle: Trickery

    Erik: Nature

    Haelyn: War

    Kriesha: Nature, Tempest

    Laerme: Life, Light

    Nesirie: Tempest

    Ruornil: Knowledge

    Sera: Trickery

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    The full versions are available on the web now. Seek and ye shall find
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    This week's Unearthed Arcana focuses on three new Cleric domains (Forge, Grave, Protection), so I've updated my granted domains list appropriately.

    Haelyn: Life, Protection, War
    Nesirie: Grave, Life, Tempest
    Cuiraécen: Protection, Tempest, War
    Erik: Life, Nature
    Avani: Knowledge, Life, Light
    Laerme: Forge, Life, Light
    Ruornil: Knowledge, War
    Sera: Knowledge, Trickery
    Eloéle: Trickery
    Belinik: Death, War
    Kriesha: Grave, Nature, Tempest
    Serpent: Knowledge, Trickery
    Kartathok: Trickery, War
    Moradin: Forge, Life, War
    Yeenoghu: War

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