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Thread: Priest/ Druid

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    Quote Originally Posted by crassly_vexxed View Post
    So. A priest of Erik (druid) would go off of the priest (cleric) experience table and not the druid and i would not have to worry about hierophants and such? The paladin that i was looking at was of Cuiraecen and possibly dual class with Priest of Erik. I am just wondering if he would be able to keep his powers of Paladin if he did so?
    Unless he's in a church which has a dual-faith I suspect he'd either have to become a paladin/priest of Erik or lose his paladin special powers.

    In practice I tended to estimate the caster level of paladins and stack the caster level with any clerical caster level rather than run two sets of spell lists - mind you I was trying to do the same with any spell caster which is probably a step too far for most people.

    If you don't allow Paladins of Erik, you could have him convert to a berserker rather than a fighter to reflect become attuned a primal ferocity, or he could convert most of his levels to fighter and some to druid to reflect his previous experience with a power.

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    I see what you are getting at. How would it work for a paladin of cuiraecen dualed into a priest of Haelyn? It mentions that Haelyn has say over his son Cuiraecen. So that might work a little better i was thinking.

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