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    Ruins of the Ancients

    Once Again the team that bought you Empire's Twilight has returned this time for some thing different.

    Ruins of Ancients is about survival, simple put. This is not a normal birthright game, if you can't stand to watch your realm get damage form the events of the clashing titans and dragons please don't apply.

    If you're a real gamer one who is not fearfully of 25 foot tall monsters battling it out with dragons attacking each other being Ignore by this behemoths, you and your people being step on then please come join us.

    For only the strong will survive and only the titanic of rulers and most gifted of dragon slayers will be given the most coveted prize of all the Iron throne!

    For in this dark days true heroes of the blood are cut above the rest of Cerllia. Dark days indeed stand before the children of the Andu, can you lead them to glory or will your name be curse for your weakness?

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    From Raesene/Arakhor
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    ]Blood is power; there is no way of changing that truth, in any way, shape or form.

Life is and always will be about survival of the fittest - what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

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